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WELCOME TO BEACON HILL                                                                 

 Beacon Hill Sea Spryte Hunter CD, WWD13 yrs, Phaedra crop  age 13


For more than thirty years, we have been producing healthy, fun-loving Portuguese Water Dogs that are true to type and temperament. Our goal at Beacon Hill is to preserve the unique personality and working ability of the PWD. We strive to maintain the look, attitude, and character of the classic Water Dog.  


Beacon Hill has its roots on the East Coast, where our dogs were brought up swimming in the Long Island Sound and the Atlantic Ocean We are now located in Wisconsin, where our dogs swim in the lakes and ponds of the Midwest. It is not essential that PWDs live near water, but this athletic, muscular breed should be given enough exercise to maintain their fitness.


In addition to being loyal and fun-loving family companions, Beacon Hill PWDs can be seen participating in agility, water work, obedience and rally trials, as well as in the breed ring. Many of our puppies also grow up to be Therapy Dogs  and READ Dogs. PWDs thrive on these activities and are at their best when they have a physical outlet and a mental challenge. with their spirited and affectionate personalities, they will become a true member of your family - always ready to join in the action or entertain you with their antics.


Our dogs are generally of medium size, with females weighing between 30-42 lbs. and males between 45-55 lbs. As our main focus is on health and temperament, we do not breed for specific colors or markings in any one litter. We routinely produce both black and brown puppies, with and without white markings. we occasionally have parti-color puppies. Each litter usuially consists of both wavy and curly coats.


            If you think a PWD is the right dog for you,             please visit our site links or contact us to learn             more about the dogs of Beacon Hill.

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